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Infant Resuscitation Mask

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1.Resuscitation mask Introduction

A resuscitation device in which the operator presses on a compression unit (such as an airbag) on a device to ventilate the patient's lungs. - Standard accessories are with air bag, silicone mask, oxygen tube;

- 100% medical-grade silicone, latex-free; liquid material is soft, better elasticity, higher transparency; can be reused by high temperature sterilization; - Integral intake valve design, direct connection of air storage bag and oxygen tube; Used by a single patient;- The non-slip effect of the rough surface of the recovery balloon can give the rescuer good operability.

2.Infant mask specificaiton

3.Mask Application

This product is mainly used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and general artificial respiratory assistance, so that the patient can maintain normal breathing shortly before recovery.


4.Our service

1). One-stop service

2). DFM Moldflow

3)Tool designing

4)Focus on tool life and tool making

5)Multi-component LSR product

6)High precisioncomplex structure of LSR products

7)Molding & Post molding

8)Experience and Patents

9)YJC has comprehensive Quality Management system

YJC team concentrate on technology research and development in ultra-precision plastic and LSR product, which have made continuously progress of cold runner system including open nuzzle and valve gate , heating and heat insulation technology, material selection, and precision machining. In the meantime, Xiamen YJC also made sustained breakthrough in the independent intellectual property of technology, which can provide perfect solutions for diversified LSR and plastic part .

5.Our primary equipment


High speed and precision CNC and

YJC has the first grade machines, 5μ precision always can be achieved.


Medical grade (Class 8) LSR injection molding workshop andArburg LSR injection molding machine

YJC has world class injection molding machinery equipment (Arburg,2KM,Multitech) and dust-free workshop which provide strong support of high precision and high level products

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